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  • Majestic Rock Resources

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About Us

Majestic Rock Resources (MRR) group Pte Ltd is a Singapore based trading company, incorporated on 27 Mar, 2013. MRR is equipped with experienced trading and commodity purchase professionals from China and Singapore. The trading products cover mainly Iron Ore, Coking Cole, and other commodities, mostly from Australia, Brazil, and India etc.

Supported by the close partnership with banks from Singapore and Overseas, Majestic Rock Resources has achieved annual revenue over US$600mil with the quantity of 5mil Metric Tons of different products. The company has been award “Global Trader”status by IE Singapore. The status allows MRR to enjoy concessional tax-rate and other benefits.

MRR will continue capitalized on the economy of scale of the company and the competitive financing market in Singapore to thrive in Singapore and serve the customer better.

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